If interested, see the announcement of XEN-Shell2 (german)

Example Commands / Help Screenshot

The following commands are available within this shell:

      boot - Boot the Xen guest.
   console - Gain access to a Xen guest via the serial console.
      exit - Exit the shell.
      help - Show general, or command-specific, help information.
    passwd - Change the password used to access this host.
     pause - This will pause the Xen guest.
      quit - Exit this shell.
    reboot - Reboot the Xen guest.
    serial - Gain access to the Xen guest via the serial console.
  shutdown - Shutdown the Xen guest.
    status - Show the status of the Xen guest.
    sysreq - Send a 'sysreq' keystroke to the guest.
   unpause - This will unpause the Xen guest.
updatedns - update (reverse) DNS entrie(s)
    uptime - Show the uptime information of your guest system + host.
   version - Show the version of this shell, and of Xen.
    whoami - Show the user you're connected to the host system as.

For command-specific help run "help command".
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